Is Blaming Restaurant Failures on the Economy a Red Herring?

Sacramento area restaurant failures are not due to the ECONOMY. If it was the Economy, Restaurants  like the French Laundry, Biba or Cafe Marika would be closed by NOW.  During many years of discussions over coffee or drinks, a dear friend and I (with over 70 years combined experience in the restaurant business) predicted over 25 eventual Restaurant Failures. The last being Good Eats and before that, Spin Burger, 33rd St. Bistro on 16th and K St.’s, Table 260, 55 Degrees, and my oldest prediction was Koya’s in the Pavilions. These failures were blamed on “The Economy”. Rather, maybe the failures were because of something they had much more control over. Maybe the owners didn’t understand the Restaurant Industry. It’s called the Hospitality Industry for a reason. Restaurants are supposed to treat their customers like dinner guests at home. They should be concerned about the guests’ happiness and enjoyment of the evening. That’s what Biba and the other successful restaurants do.

Most new restaurants don’t hire Hosts; they hire managers. Managers manage the books rather than the dining room. If the managers think the waiters/servers are taking care of the guests they are likely wrong…especially when hiring untrained staff with no or little knowledge of manners and etiquette. Being a consummate Host or Hostess will get you a following of loving customers.

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