Restaurant failures don’t need to happen

KOYA’S (My First)

55 DEGREES (The longest)  prediction

33rd St. BISTRO on K St.  (Too small, bad restaurant design)

SPIN BURGER (That’s What you call a Burger)

MELTING POT (Roseville)


CORNER BAR (Not long enough to remember)

CLARK’S CORNER (?????No ideal yet!)

CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN (Downtown) (wrong type of restaurant at that location)

CALIFORNIA CAFE (This one was a long one)

TABLE 260 (???)  (Talked to the owner he not have clue)

FOG MOUNTAIN (Nothing different about the menu, just like everyone else’s)

These are some of the Restaurant I have predicted would fail in a predicted period of time.

Who couldn’t tell that these and many other restaurants would not fail.  If not, I did, I saw things in the operation to show future signs of failure.  I have met and and talked to some of these owners, and offered to help, but like many Restaurant Owners and Managements  they refuse the offer.  I have found that most restauranteurs are afraid of a few things. One, They don’t have the knowledge to open a restaurant. Two, That they don’t want anyone to know their problems or what’s happening in the restaurant. Three, They refuse to ask for help. Four, They hired the wrong people  (untrained or think they are professional waiter or other positions) and are afraid to fire them. Five, they don’t understanding the meaning of hospitality. “Do they have the right person or a person right now” that’s what they should be asking themselves

In many and all cases they tell me that they have NO problems or they can fix the problem themselves. which they do not.

I have predicted the closure of many Restaurant in the Sacramento area only telling my close friends, who come back some time later and say ” didn’t you say that restaurant would close”.  The longest was 55 degrees (that was over three years), and the shortest was Koya’s (was months 6 months right on, on this one).

I have just been two of the five restaurants that Blair reviewed this past weekend. I hope he have high hopes.  Being in the Restaurant Industry for all these years I am I have been able to see and predict their failures. In the past I have been able to predict the failure of many restaurants from Koya’ s to 55° to the most recent Spin Burger, I was on the button on that one. Most of my predictions are plus or minus  3 months. The longest was 55°.   I knew that they would be there quite a long time but eventually they would fail, and did. My impression of Blue Prynt, when I met the owner was the look of what did I get myself into. I wish him well,but I can see that he is too young to know the in’s and out’s of the restaurant business. Plus his menu is not inspirational or different enough than anyone else’s.

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