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WHO checks the Dress & Hygiene of Restaurant Employees

WHO Checks the Dress and Hygiene of the Restaurant Employees? Where are the Owners or Managers, when they do a line up before serves.  Why do I say this!  When I went to a local restaurant and had to wait a very long… time for the waiter showed up. (Which is normal, some waiter can’t handle the 4 tables they are assigned to per shift.)  Once he arrived, we noticed that the waiter look more like a homeless person than a waiter. Pants were SO Wrinkled.. that a dress to cover the pants would have been better. The shirt was not any better. Cuffs so Brown it would made you sick, the rest was worse nail and hand were disgusting. (and yes he is serving food)  We knew that we didn’t want this waiter to serve us, but we also like the food at this restaurant. But for this one time we were not going to eat there.  Yes, we found a way out, we faked a sudden illness and excused yourself.  Maybe, that is why I have been spending more money and eating a Very High-End Restaurants to get the fabulous food and great service, and know the staff has clean press uniform with hygiene clean to match.  I will not tell you the name of the restaurant because so many foodies will say I was wrong and the servers are clean and friendly.  I wish some of these foodies would pay more attention, to look at the servers and maybe the restrooms to see if it really rates that high. Trust me, I know what I speak of.