‘People You Should Know’

Darrell Corti, Can bring fear

PART   1

Stories of Darrell Corti

I heard of Darrell Corti from the time I was a kid, because his family and now he owns one of the most eclectic gourmet stores in Sacramento.  However, I did not meet him until I owned my restaurant and when one of my servers wanted him to try our crème brûlée made by my pantry chef, Edie Stewart. We brought the creme to his store and he allowed us to interrupt a meeting for the introductions. He grabbed the custard cup, proceeded to look at it as if was a glass of fine wine, and then smelled it for all it’s bouquet. He stuck his spoon into the cup pulled out a massive amount of custard, and swirled it in his mouth as if it was wine.   He laid the spoon down, looked at the guest and said that anytime and anywhere in the world “this is what a crème brûlée should taste like”.  To this day Edie is the only one that knows the recipe for it.