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French Laundry..The best example of fine service which everyone should follow.

The French Laundry




lunch: Fri thru Sun

dinner: Mon thru Sun

+20% TIP

The French Laundry lives up to its rating and reputation as the best restaurant in the Americas and one of the finest in the world. My guests and I were in awe throughout the two dinners we were so fortunate to experience recently. The service at the French Laundry is formal and personable, a rare combination. Regardless of a patron’s knowledge of food and wine, the personnel are always gracious and never stuffy or intimidating when explaining how dishes are prepared or making recommendations to guests. Walking to the front door of the restaurant meant strolling through a well-maintained courtyard of herbs and other edible plants. Once inside, service staff, composed of two hostesses, a manager and other greeters, welcomed us and offered to take our coats. One of the hostesses led us to our table, while another staffer followed our party to pull out our chairs before we sat. The table was set with linen napkins and silverware. We had the honor of removing the old-style clothespins from our napkins while the hostess walked around handing the menus to the ladies and then to the gentlemen. During the first visit, I left my glasses at a nearby bed and breakfast. Kevin, our waiter, immediately excused himself and returned with a linen-lined silver tray containing three pairs of reading glasses with different prescriptions. New settings of appropriate utensils were placed before every guest for each of the nine courses. The servers, all in well-tailored suits, timed the placement of the dishes perfectly so that the ladies at the table were served first and at exactly the same time, followed by the serving of the gentlemen. Never did I hear a clattering of dishes.