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The Martini Story

Eight months after the grand opening of the Sheraton Grand in Sacramento I went to the bar to wait for a friend who was in a meeting across the street. After I settled into a chair I noticed the Tanqueray 10 gin on the top shelve of the back bar. After an unusually long wait, the bartender finally asked how she could help. I requested a Tanqueray 10 martini, up, with two olives. The bartender said the bar did not have Tanqueray 10. I said they did. She said they did not, again. After a little more bantering, I paused, calmed myself down, pointed to the back bar, and showed her that indeed there was a bottle of my preferred gin available. I then demanded the martini as I requested. She sheepishly got a step ladder, took the bottle down, turned to her co-worker, about 5 feet from me, and asked “how do I make a martini?”

Is this an example of hiring and putting into a position of responsibility an untrained, unqualified individual?

Gilbert R. Lagunas